Requesting a Sewer Certificate

When requesting a sewer certificate, please mail, email, or fax your request including:

• Requestor’s name
• Requestor’s email address and phone number
• Requestor’s company
• The settlement date
• The property address
• The property Parcel ID number
• The seller’s name(s)
• The buyer’s name(s)
• Whether, after settlement, the property will be owner-occupied or an investment property
• If the property will be an investment property, provide the mailing address of the buyer after settlement (If you do not have this information, please provide the buyer’s agent’s email address so that we can obtain it directly. We need this information in order to transfer the account from the seller to the buyer once settlement occurs.)

Contact our office for the fee payable upon receipt of the certification.  The certification fee needs to be SEPARATE FROM ANY SEWER RENTAL DUE. Payment should be made out to SDCA, and mailed to our address shown below, “Attention:  Sewer Certifications”.  Please note the address of the property on the Certification check.

Once we receive all required information, we will return the sewer certification.

Southern Delaware County Authority (SDCA)
101 Beech Street
Upper Chichester, PA 19061
Phone: (610) 485-6789
Fax: (610) 497-5717
Email: [email protected]